“Baap Pe Mat Jana” Avinash Sachdev to Elvish Yadav’s unnecessary provocation

One of the finest actors of our time, Avinash Sachdev has always kept his life private, but people who know him are aware that he is quite brainy and adventurous. The actor is currently playing a fan game in the Bigg Boss OTT house, and it’s clear that he is the most unfiltered and witty personality in the Bigg Boss house.

Recently, the actor proved himself to be one of the most entertaining and versatile contestants and played his finest game despite being nominated but, it doesn’t end here. This week, the OTT house had two wild card entries, one of them being Elvish Yadav. Recently, Elvish was seen roasting everyone in the house and he got into an ugly fight with Avinash Sachdev.

In the recent clip, the actor Avinash Sachdev was heard saying that Elvish Yadav was after his coffee to which Elvish replied, “Arey to de deta na bhai. Abey leke chal na apni coffee, room mein jake pi (so you could have given me the coffee. Now go and have it in your room).” Avinash schooled him leading Elvish to calling him ‘bewakoof ka bachcha’. 

Avinash couldn’t hear Elvish saying this and fumed in anger, saying, “Ae baap pe mat ja.” Elvish further replied, “Tere ko pata lag gya bewakoof hi hai wo (so you know he is a fool).” The actor once again said, “Kaiko bol raha hai bewakoof ka bachha, maine tujhe kuch kaha (why are you calling me son of a fool, did I say something)?” Elvish replied, “Tu bhi bol le… lakin tu hain. Mein teen baar aur bolunga (you can also call me that…but you are one. I will repeat it three more times). ” 

It could be noticed that Elvish despite getting so personal, refused to accept his mistake. But Avinash gave the latter a much needed schooling. We have all seen Avinash playing the game with utmost dignity and he still continues to do so! But as we all know, even the toughest ones give in after being provoked again and again.

Overall, the actor has been playing quite well and garnering love from the audience. He has managed to garner the spotlight since his participation in the reality show. It will be interesting to see what else unfolds for him in the strange house.


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