Allu Arjun’s daughter Allu Arha Dances On Kacha Badam, the cutest video shown on social media

These days, the song ‘Kacha Badam’ is becoming quite viral on social media, on which from common people to all the celebs are seen dancing. Meanwhile, another video has surfaced, which is winning the hearts of the people. This video is of ‘Pushpa’ star Allu Arjun’s beloved daughter Arha. Allu is active on social media and is seen spending time with his family every day. Meanwhile, she has also shared a video of her daughter, who is making a splash by following the social media trend.

Arha is wearing a co-ord set of baby pink color, and she is seen dancing in a very cute style by following the kacha badam trend. Allu Arjun’s luxurious house can be seen in the background of the video. Sharing this cute kacha badam trend video, Allu has given the caption, ‘Meri little badam arha’.

Allu Arjun has two children, Allu Arha and Allu Ayaan with whom he is often seen spending quality time. Recently, Allu Arjun’s wife Allu Sneha Reddy shared a video on Instagram, in which this cute pair of daddy and daughter were seen racing together. This video won the hearts of the fans.


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