Ace Director Arvind Khaira of Bijlee-Bijlee, Shares His Views On Directing Groovy Anthem Of The Year COCO for Budding Singer Sukh-E

Music is one of those soothing bliss in our life which we enjoy at every of life. As we all know that making a piece of music takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Arvin Kahira who is a well-known music director has yet again marked his way by directing a groovy party anthem song of Sukh-E’s COCO

Arvind Khaira who has directed numerous music singles for Desi Melodies like, Baarish Ki Jaaye, “Pachtaoge”, “Filhal”, Jinke Liye, Kya Baat Ay, Mann Bharrya, and many more, then spoke to Arvind Khaira on the new directorial song COCO he said, ‘‘Coco’ as a project has been in the pipeline for so long that I don’t even remember when we started planning it out. Since the bar that Sukh-E had set with ‘Coka’ was so high, we had to do something larger than life and ‘Coco’ was perfect for it. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances in the last few months, restrictions, and the volatility of the industry; we couldn’t finish it earlier. ‘Coco’ is a really special track because it brings out Sukh-E’s style in the best way possible, showcases his talent unlike ever before, and it just sounds fresh! I am very proud of the whole team that is responsible for bringing this project to life and I hope everyone loves ‘Coco’ as we do!’

We can say that Arvind Khaire, has put his heart out, and the audience is appreciating the song and the beats that it is making people groove on its tunes as the song has already crossed over 11 million views within a week as its cuurently trending on no 15.

To those who are unaware, Sukh-E, Jaani, and Arvindr Khaira collaborated on one of the most successful Punjabi songs of all time, ‘Coka,’ in 2019, which has over 500 million views. There are many more songs for all his fans, under the pipeline which will be announced soon.


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