2-hour movie made on iPhone 14 Pro by Vishal Bhardwaj ‘Fursat’ with Ishaan Khattar and Wamiqa Gabbi in lead roles

There is no doubt that Vishal Bhardwaj is one of the most talented filmmakers in today’s culture. For him, technology will always be a positive resource in the creation of good stories. But what he has accomplished with the iPhone 14 Pro in creating a 30-minute magic on screen is what gives him goosebumps.

According to Bhardwaj, the iPhone 14 Pro was used to shoot the movie ‘Fursat,’ which stars Ishaan Khattar and Wamiqa Gabbi. The film proved that the device can now be used to make a two-hour long feature film. It is his belief that the iPhone is capable of producing a full-length feature film, so he is willing to take a chance at it. “Not just short films, I am confident that we can now create a full-length feature film using it.

Considering the fact that we are able to have such a stabilizing effect in scenes with Action Mode on the iPhone 14 Pro, it’s quite incredible. In addition to the Cinematic Mode, or shift focus in our language, there are also some other intelligent features that you may find useful. Bhardwaj said that, even after the shot was taken, we could still use this Cinematic Mode tool,” he said.

It is a device that, he said, provides filmmakers that cannot afford to hire a fleet of tech equipment to create a film. “It enables you to do things differently,” he said. The iPhone is a great device, and you only need content now. The iPhone will bring a revolution to the world of filmmaking a few years down the road, he added, and people will realize that.

With all the elements of popular cinema, such as songs and choreographed dances, which are integral to Bollywood filmmaking, this film is brought together on a scale that has never been seen for a non-commercial film. “Traditionally, film cameras require ten people, three attendants, and ten boxes of lenses to operate. In other words, you are unable to move around, you are unable to react quickly. The iPhone liberated me in that sense,” said Bhardwaj.

In my films, I have never been able to reach such a scale before in my career. The iPhone can be used to achieve a scale like this. It is a device that is removing you from limitations that we had as children,” he said. The action mode is one of the most exciting updates according to Swapnil Sonawane, the director of photography.

A stable shot is achieved when you hold the camera in your hand and look at the actor with all your might, and you don’t even need an external gimbal, because it can be run with all your might. Cinematic mode shifts focus the way a focus puller would, but it’s an emotional shift that makes it beautiful,” Sonawane explained.

It has been said that Bhaj will be making a lot more movies on iPhones. He has directed ten feature films, produced five films and composed music for over 40 films, including the internationally acclaimed Shakespearean Trilogy adaptations ‘Maqbool’ (Macbeth), ‘Omkara’ (Othello) and ‘Haider’ (Hamlet). There are a lot of subjects where we will not be able to find producers to invest in.”

He said that he would shoot a lot of films on iPhones in the future. In addition to supporting up to 8K resolution and 60 frames per second, Action Mode can also be used in conjunction with Dolby Vision or ProRes recording, giving you a powerful creative tool for creating. In Cinematic Mode, 4K resolution is now supported at 30 frames per second, including 24 frames per second — the perfect way to capture the look of a movie. Also, Cinematic Mode records in Dolby Vision HDR.

The platform also offers a bespoke super room for the film, which houses the album Fursat in Spatial Audio, so the listeners can experience the album as a whole. Apple Music is also home to all the music associated with Fursat, as well as editorially curated Bollywood playlists as well. We never had enough time for ourselves to enjoy ourselves.” We should focus on the time we have right now, right now.

There is a lot of meaning in ‘Fursat,’ and it is all about finding that waqt,” said Bhardwaj, who is currently preparing for the premiere of ‘Khufiya,’ his next spy thriller on Netflix that is based on the espionage novel by Amar Bhushan called ‘Escape to Nowhere’.


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